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SHY is working towards its 20th year of trading with new branding, a new website, new fabrics and more.

Discussing the changes, Gerrard Herring, SHY’s managing director said; “Since the business was formed in 1998 we have stuck to what we excel at – the design and manufacture of commercial roller blind systems - but we felt our corporate image and website needed an overhaul.”

“The new branding has been designed to reflect the modern and innovative company SHY is. This is most obvious on our new website which showcases the installations our distributors expertly achieve with the products we design for them. Using more images, simplifying the navigation to allow visitors to easily find the products they want and adding a distributor locator have all been important considerations in the re-design.”

But the change of branding is much more than a new logo and website. SHY is launching new ranges of screen and room darkening fabrics, all with full technical performance data so it is simple to compare fabrics to identify the level of light and/or heat control required. In addition, the company is working on a number of product and business developments, but Gerrard is keeping these firmly under wraps at present.

SHY has seen considerable increase in demand for its systems as Gerrard explains; “The market for large glazed spaces and shaped glazing seems to be increasing, be that vertical, flat or sloping. Whether this is an actual increase in this type of glazing or a recognition of what SHY can achieve is difficult to say.”

“Martin Dibben, who set the business up in 1998, has fantastic technical and engineering skills and he is responsible for our design and development. My appointment last year was to free up Martin’s time so that he and our design team could concentrate on making our existing products even better, develop new solutions and help our distributors with the technical challenges they face. This decision alone has meant we are much more responsive and its then my job to make sure products get built, tested and shipped on time.”

It would seem that some of the most successful projects are where the distributor and SHY work together on a solution. As Gerrard explains; “Sometimes this involves the client, architect or designer but often its just working closely with our distributor to ensure the commercial roller blind solution we produce meets the needs of all involved.”

“A good example of this is the collaboration with the Swedish company Blindspace on their innovative concept to conceal blinds in any type of window, including skylights. We helped adapt their designs to fully accommodate all our products and the project has been led by Martin and his clever use of CAD.”

“Our growth has been sustained by a “can do” attitude. We are willing to design and commit to new tooling and new componentry if required. If the volume does not justify the outlay we have a select group of like-minded suppliers who can fabricate special brackets, head boxes, surrounds, fixings, and screen print fabrics and powder coat hardware. We co-ordinate all this so we are a one stop-shop for our distributors.”

“So although the rebranding is a very public change of image for SHY, under the bonnet is the same determined and dedicated team specialising in commercial roller blind systems” concludes Gerrard.



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