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Thursday, 04 August 2016 00:00

SHY (UK) has a range of options for its motorised blinds


Currently almost two thirds of all the blinds SHY (UK) produce in their factory in Hitchin are motorised, but the company expect that to increase still further with the launch of a new battery operated motor range.


The new range uses a motor with a built-in Lithium battery. As the motor is then fully concealed in the barrel of the blind this removes the need to conceal a battery pack, as is the case with some other motors. Charging the battery is simplicity itself with a small jack socket at the end of the blind into which the charger lead is plugged - just like charging a mobile phone.

Battery technology has advanced enormously in just a few years with increased power and battery life now making these ideal for even large blinds.

Martin Dibben the chairman of Ideas by Design Limited, the company behind the SHY (UK) brand told Blinds & Shutters; “Our new battery range was so well received by visitors to our stand at the British Blind and Shutter Show in October that we significantly increased our stockholding of these new motors and controls.

“Depending on the model and size of the blind you can achieve 200 operating cycles on a single charge. We even offer a solar panel which charges the battery so it could mean there is no need to charge from the mains at all. Simple, child safe, low cost and green too.”

All of SHY’s battery operated motors are radio controlled via radio handsets and wall switches which are elegantly designed and can harmonise with virtually any décor. There is even an option for control through automation systems.

Of course the real benefit of battery operated blinds is there is no need to provide power to the blinds and all the disruption, cost and aesthetic challenges this can bring to a window or roof area.

These motors can power large blinds too. Using an 85mm headbox it is possible to have a battery operated, tensioned roof roller blind up to six square meters in size.

Ideas by Design have been testing battery operated motors for over two years prior to launching their new range and all motors and controls are covered by a warranty.

For “wired in” blinds SHY (UK) have an extensive range of 240V motors for their ZIP, Sunfacta and Obscura commercial roller blind systems. Control of these motors is by radio or hard-wired options and can be linked to any home automation or building management system or environmental sensors.

SHY (UK) stock motors that fit all their seven barrel sizes from 50mm right up to their giant 300mm diameter roller tube. And of course with certain sized blinds, styles or the location of the blinds motorisation is the only option.

An increasingly popular choice for ZIP blinds are obstacle detection motors. These clever motors use mechanical and electronic sensors to detect if there is an obstruction in the blind’s line of travel. The motor will make three gentle attempts to pass the obstruction before stopping until the obstruction is removed and the blind will then function normally.

Commenting on these motors Martin said; “Obstacle detection is ideal for high use areas such as hotels, universities and schools where items are often left in the way of the blind. Without an obstacle detection motor, the blind hits the obstruction and the motor will keep feeding out cloth which takes a fold inside the headbox causing the blind to jamb when next raised, requiring a call-out by the installer.”

With 7 roller barrels, 5 headboxes and 3 motor systems there are not many roller blinds SHY (UK) cannot motorise. Battery operation can power blinds up to 18 square meters and mains power up to 60 square meters in either a window blind or roof blind format.



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