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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 14:39

QMotion has launched a new communications system for its blinds


Wire-free window covering specialist QMotion UK has launched a new FM (frequency modulation) communications system for motorised window coverings.


New FM Communications System

Launching for all of QMotion UK’s motorised window covering products: Roller Shades, Honeycomb Shades and Motorised Drapery Rods, the new FM communications system offers the benefit of less electronic interference, improving the battery life of the window covering as well as offering a slight increase in the remote control range. In addition to the new window covering products, several QMotion UK controls and accessories have been updated to now support the FM communications system. The Qsync device used for the QMotion UK App for iOS and Android will now support all of the FM window products and the Qrelay, used to extend the range of the remote controls, will also be able to support the new communication systems. The new FM products will use QMotion UK’s multi channel Universal Decora-style remote control, designed to fit in any off-the-shelf decora wall plates and will have 5 channels plus an all function.



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