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NEW Style Studio Pleated and Cellular Collection
Friday, 26 February 2016 14:20

Eclipse have lovingly put together a Pleated and Cellular Collection that contains exciting and inspirational fabrics influenced from travels around the world.

The Style Studio Pleated and Cellular Collection has been reinvigorated to showcase many new technologies, on trend colours, designs and systems. The collection encompasses over 190 new striking fabrics, designed to tonally complement all interiors.


The collection is displayed in a range and colourway format, separated into Solutions and Styles for ease of use. Solutions present a selection of performance fabrics suitable for various conditions. These fabrics have characteristics including advanced solar control, fire retardancy, anti-static, moisture resistant and blackout properties. The Style section is compiled by colour order to suit consumers as their most natural buying behaviour is to select a fabric based on its colour properties at first. Also considering that neutrals are a popular choice with consumers, Eclipse have expanded that section to include an array of additional beautiful cool and warm tones.

The Pleated collection provides a diverse array of 20mm and 16mm fabrics to suit the consumers ever changing needs and styles. Included are translucent sheers, textures, small designs, bright hues and muted tones, that can either quietly accentuate a space or create a bold focal point. Some pleated fabrics such as Rushweave, Jasmine and Chenille can also be seen in the Eclipse Roller and Vertical collections, providing greater options to co-ordinate with existing blinds.
As well as offering this exciting range of Pleated fabrics, Eclipse has developed a new and improved cellular structure, Hive®. The Hive® structure is a unique cellular design that holds a layer of air which acts as an insulator, improving climate control and helping to reduce energy bills. The entire cellular collection is anti-static, heat blocking, sound absorbent and the structure holds its shape firmly, making Hive® the superior fabric choice for blinds. Eclipse have also harmonised their Palette fabric range colours with Hive® and Infusion fabrics to give the option of coordinating Pleated, Cellular, Roller and Vertical blinds within the home.

The Hive® cellular collection contains over 44 plain, blackout, fire retardant and luxury designs. The plain Hive range subtly softens the light entering a room, creating an elegant, warming atmosphere. Hive® Blackout is the ideal choice for when additional light control is required in the home. The Blackout range consists of 14 natural, trend and bold colours. The luxury designed cellular pleats consist of a modern, vibrant fabric range Matrix and a traditional linen-look inspired range, Silkweave.  Both designs are offered in standard or blackout to suit all customer desires.

To complement this collection of exquisite pleated and cellular fabrics, Eclipse recommends their INTU system that is designed to fully integrate with most window systems, including tilt and turn windows and glazed doors. INTU is available in standard control operation through the profiled bottom bar or a wand operation for harder to reach areas. Both operations are child safe by design.

Eclipse have also introduced two new systems, INTU Micro and Senses Pleated. The INTU Micro 16mm slim-line system is specifically designed for narrow bead frames such as bi-fold doors. INTU Micro system is child safe and is available in both brown and white to complement both PVC and wooden frames. INTU Micro is also offered in a multi-zone option, which provides the user with greater control over shade and light as the blind can be controlled and repositioned using both the top and bottom bar.

For a sleek and contemporary finish Eclipse customers can also order the new Senses Pleated 20mm system. Senses Pleated will sit perfectly in any interior design as it is slim-line system allowing a neater, more aesthetically pleasing finish. This child safe system comes in 7 rail colours and 9 endcap colours in co-ordinating shades to complete the luxurious look. As Senses Pleated aligns with Senses Roller and Venetian colours, consumers can opt to co-ordinate the blinds throughout their homes.

To order your copy of the Style Studio Pleated and Cellular Collection Book or for more information on systems please contact Eclipse on 0141 814 3500.



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