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Eclipse explains how the digital age helps connect businesses to customers.


Getting a business and its products to the right people can be challenging and costly. In this digital age we live in, technology is making this task easier. Looking around us, most companies are signing up to social media networks and if they haven’t done so, they are likely to be in the near future.

As the world moves at a faster pace than it did only last year, we are constantly changing in our approach as businesses, trying not only to reach new customers but to help current ones have a more enjoyable buying experience.

As with many other companies, Eclipse Blinds has joined a variety of social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.  Doing so helps them stay in contact with customers, keeping everyone up to date with products and services. It is also a great way to reach new customers and to introduce them to Eclipse products. By sharing photos of a blind a customer made with Eclipse products, for example, will show not only the Eclipse product but also the customer’s services and capabilities. This in turn benefits both companies. Having links to the Eclipse website through social media offers more information on what the company produces and makes it more accessible to the consumer.

Embracing this age of digital technology, Eclipse has also developed a unique way for the customer to view its products. DesignSpace allows users to view the final product before it has been made. It enables them to select which roomset they want with the type of blind and then from its full range of fabrics, the fabric they prefer.  This helps the customer visualise what the end product will look like.

Once the chosen blind and fabric have been selected, the site follows to the Eclipse Sample Room Service, which allows customers to choose up to five samples, which will be sent free of charge. DesignSpace is fun and easy to use, making the whole buying experience much easier.

With this kind of technology now in use and becoming commonplace, it will be interesting to see where we are headed and how the market will adapt.





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